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Ecstatic about Espresso? How to Make Sure You Get the Right Accessories for Your New Machine

Every now and again it's time to indulge yourself and your family by buying something that some would consider to be a luxury. After all, you've worked hard and achieved much and nobody would deny you the opportunity to pamper yourselves in this way. You may love Italian food and drink and have always relished the chance to sample an espresso at an authentic cafe, but now you're going to get your very own machine so that you can enjoy it at home. If you've got your eye on a particularly nice model, what other accessories do you need in order to make the experience perfect?

Upgrade the Grinder

The first thing that you need to consider is the grinder. Some people make the mistake of buying a very nice espresso machine, but then omit to get a quality grinder to augment it. Remember that the process of converting the all-important coffee bean into something to relish is quite harsh and you need to go about it the right way if you're going to preserve as much of the goodness as you can.

Preparation Aids

Next, consider getting something relatively simple, which is the tamper. You may get one with the machine, but there are a variety of other ones on the market, and some of these are worth an additional few dollars. Get one that is ideally sized for the basket.

Then get hold of a knock box, which is crucial if you're going to get rid of the puck from the portafilter effectively. If you don't have one of these that's purpose made for the job, you might spend a messy few moments achieving the same objective.


There are a wide variety of steaming pitchers available on the market, but make sure that you get one that has a pointed spout, as that should make it much easier for you to pour a good latte or other concoction. Pick one up that has the capacity for your family's needs, assuming that you will be enjoying some of this splendour together.

All-Important Cups

You must get some specially made espresso cups as, after all, you will only be making a half-hearted effort otherwise. Aficionados will worry about the shape of the inside of the cup and how it affects the taste of the espresso, with many believing that the best overall shape is similar to a bowl. Remember to preheat your cups before adding the liquid, as otherwise some of the heat from the espresso will leach into the cup, and that is not the taste you're looking for.

Making Your Shopping List

Make sure that you have a look at all of your accessories as you talk with your coffee machine supplier so that you make the most out of your acquisition. To learn more, contact a company that sells La Marzocco coffee machines.