How to Fix a Faulty Fridge Freezer

Could Your Refrigerator Possibly Need Appliance Repairs?

You may not realise this, but your refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the hardest working appliances in your home. If you think about it, this device is turned on all day every day for its entire lifespan, which can take a toll on its shelf life. Therefore, it is crucial to schedule professional maintenance once in a while to make sure that the various components are in optimum working order.

Nonetheless, even with meticulous care, some problems will crop up with your fridge. Knowing the symptoms of these issues can be the difference between having to buy a new refrigerator and just having minor repairs done to restore its performance. The following article highlights some complications that indicate your fridge would require appliance repairs.

Continuous leaking

Despite the fact that your fridge needs moisture to function, any leakage should have you alarmed. Formation of puddles under the refrigerator will typically mean that the lines that supply water to the fridge's icemaker have become compromised. Another typical cause of leakage is when the refrigerator's defrost drain has developed clogs that are disrupting the flow of water. Lastly, if your drain heater has malfunctioned, chances are you will begin to notice puddles on your kitchen floor. When you discover a refrigerator leak, it is advisable to turn off the appliance and have a specialist come and determine the cause so they can fix the issue.

Fluctuating temperatures

It is not just enough for your fridge to be cold. It has to maintain a set temperature to make sure that your foodstuffs are not at risk of going bad. When your fridge's interior temperatures begin to fluctuate, it would be signalling a deeper-rooted issue. Some of the reasons why this problem may crop up are a damaged condenser, a malfunctioning motor, a faulty thermostat and so on.

Perpetual cycling

A refrigerator at peak performance will cycle from time to time to ensure that it is energy saving. This cycling is characterised by the fridge sounding like it goes off and on occasionally, and it is nothing to worry about. When the refrigerator starts to sound like it is in a perpetual state of cycling, then you should start becoming concerned about potential damage to some of the components. The common cause of continual cycling is blockages in the condenser coils. A technician would have to clean these parts professionally to restore function to the fridge. Take note that if dirt and obstructions are left unencumbered, the condenser coils do not get proper ventilation and begin to overheat. The increased temperatures cause the refrigerator to compensate by overworking itself, and this significantly decreases the lifespan of your appliance.