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Understanding Halotron Fire Extinguishers

The risk of a fire breakout looms large in many homes and commercial buildings. You may not pay attention to it until a disaster happens and you lose lots of property or worse, lives. The best thing to do is to take preventative measures that will help you mitigate the risk of a fire, such as hiring a fire extinguisher service. Fire extinguishers come in handy. There are many types of extinguishers in the market, and going for the right one will ensure that you get value for your money. Halotron fire extinguishers are a good example of fire extinguishers that can return value for their money:

How Does Halotron Work?

When extinguishing a fire, the device releases Halotron as a liquid that evaporates at a very high rate. Small devices can discharge the Halotron to about six feet while larger equipment has an impressive throw length of forty-five feet or more. This means that Halotron-based equipment is ideal for use in domestic and commercial applications where the fire extinguisher should have varied throw length ability. You can use them to put out small fires in the kitchen to large infernos threatening to bring down an entire floor.

What Makes Halotron User-friendly?

Halotron-based fire extinguishers have an edge over the others because of their user-friendliness. This is because of their "clean" nature. When you use a Halotron-based fire extinguisher, there is no residue left behind unlike other kinds of extinguishers that leave white stuff behind. You don't need to worry about expensive cleaning agents after using Halotron fire extinguisher.

What Makes Halotron More Efficient Fire Extinguishing Agent?

Halotron-based fire extinguishers have many operational advantages over other kinds of fire extinguishers. Many clean fire extinguishers have low boiling points, meaning that it takes long for them to settle and out a fire. On the other hand, Halotron has a high boiling point of about twenty-seven degrees Celsius. It evaporates and gets to work within a short time. Additionally, the high boiling point means that you can throw the extinguishing agent over a long distance, enabling you to put out fires from a relatively safe distance.

What Makes Halotron Friendly to the Environment? 

Halotron also as an edge over other fire extinguisher elements because it is friendly to the environment. Many agents based on potassium and carbon-dioxide are harmful because of the elements that they leave in the air. Halotron is inert and it does not result in any air pollution.